About Niamh Shields

My blog, Eat Like a Girl, is focused primarily on cooking and exploring. My background is in science but I have always been passionate about food. I love to create recipes and I have been inspired by London and my travels. I love to cook for people and encourage them to explore and discover new flavours they may not have considered before.

Ever since I was a small child, I have been curious about food. I only cared for sweets and cakes when I was younger but as an adult I am much more obsessed with savoury. My tastes have expanded thanks to my travels, and I love adapting new dishes I’ve learnt about for my blog.

Cooking with fish is quick and simple, and it is a fresh and healthy choice. There is endless variety. The flavours of fish tend to be simple and direct and can be easily enhanced with some citrus flavours, herbs, a little tomato or whatever you have. Fish is perfect for quick, midweek meals. I’m hoping to show people they can cook fish easily, and that dishes you see in restaurants aren’t necessarily too complicated to cook at home.