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Our dual fuel range cookers give you the best of both worlds, adding even more flexibility to our highly versatile range cookers. Enjoy the instant temperature, easy control and even heat distribution of a gas hob without sacrificing the benefits of an electric cooker.

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Electric, fan and multifunction ovens, up to seven gas burners, telescopic grills and features like warming zones, griddle plates and wok burners mean that our dual fuel range cookers give you a degree functionality that you wouldn’t normally encounter outside a professional kitchen. You’ll wonder how you ever managed before you had a range cooker in your kitchen.

A Leisure dual fuel range cooker makes multitasking more effortless than ever before – imagine how much easier ambitious dinner party catering can be with three ovens and an array of gas burners at your disposal. And if you regularly cook for a large family, range cookers are certain to save you time and effort in the kitchen every day.

Of course, size isn’t everything, smart design means that we’ve managed to pack range cooker functionality into seriously compact 60cm cookers that will slot into almost any kitchen. Our 60cm dual fuel Gourmet model marries optimised capacity and the functionality of two ovens with the slender proportions of a standard cooker.

As well as a wide choice of sizes, our collection also boasts a broad range of styles and colours, meaning you can pick out the perfect dual fuel range cooker to complement you kitchen. From the traditional looks of our Cookmaster models to the more contemporary style of beautiful stainless steel range cookers like the Cuisinemaster, our collection composes stylish designs to suit every kitchen.

Alongside our dual fuel models the Leisure collection also includes elegant electric range cookers and gorgeous gas cookers.