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    Dual Fuel Range Cookers

    Dual Fuel Range Cookers

    Experience the best of both worlds with Leisure's dual fuel range cookers. Combining the instant temperature and even heat distribution of a gas hob with the benefits of an electric cooker, our dual fuel cookers take your culinary game to new heights. Browse our range today and impress your loved ones with perfectly cooked dishes.

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    About Dual Fuel Range Cookers

    Dual fuel range cookers offer the performance and convenience of both an electric oven and a gas hob in one standalone unit, further enhancing the experience of owning a versatile range cooker.

    What is a dual fuel range cooker?

    Combining the convenience of an electric oven and the power of a gas hob in one unit, dual fuel range cookers offer unparalleled performance. Whether you're an aspiring chef, a busy parent, or simply love cooking, our dual fuel range cookers offer the ultimate in convenience and versatility. With up to three ovens and an array of gas burners at your disposal, even the most ambitious dinner party or large family roast becomes a breeze.

    To elevate your culinary skills, our dual fuel range cookers are packed with advanced features designed to take your cooking experience to new heights, including:

    • Versatile ovens that are either conventional, fan, or multifunction
    • Up to seven gas burners with extended ceramic zones
    • Telescopic oven shelves
    • Griddle plate, cast iron pan supports and wok burners
    • Fan cooking for faster and more even heating
    • Conventional top and bottom heating elements for baking and traditional cooking techniques
    • Catalytic liners and removable inner door glass

    At Leisure, we believe that a range cooker is not just a kitchen appliance, it's a statement piece that elevates your cooking game and adds style to your home. When compared to a standard built-in oven, a range cooker offers unparalleled versatility and functionality, combining multiple ovens and hobs in one stunning freestanding unit. To learn more about what a range cooker can do for you, check out our Range Cookers Buyer's Guide.

    What are the advantages of dual fuel range cookers?

    Dual fuel range cookers are the perfect solution for those who demand versatility, convenience, and style from their cooking appliances. The advantages of a dual fuel range cooker are many, including the power and responsiveness of gas burners, combined with the consistency and ease of electric ovens.

    The rapid adjustments of gas hobs are perfect for cooking a wide range of dishes, providing instant on-off heat at the exact moment you want it. Gas hobs are incredibly easy to control and offer immediate visual feedback, helping you to precisely cook your meals to perfection.

    Meanwhile, electric ovens offer fan-assisted and conventional heating options at the touch of a button. This helps to roast or bake dishes more evenly, whilst also increasing your choice when positioning meals in the oven, for more accurate temperature control.

    With a Leisure dual fuel range cooker, you'll have multiple ovens and a variety of gas burners at your disposal, making even the most ambitious meal a breeze. Whether you're an experienced chef or a novice cook, a dual fuel range cooker is a must-have for any kitchen, providing convenience, versatility, and style to elevate your culinary experience.

    Leisure dual fuel range cookers

    Elevate your cooking game with Leisure's dual fuel range cookers, offering the ultimate cooking experience for those who demand the best. With powerful and responsive gas burners and consistent and easy-to-use electric ovens, our dual fuel range cookers make multitasking effortless, saving you time and stress every day.

    With multiple ovens and a variety of gas burners at your disposal, you can cook everything from a large family roast to a gourmet meal for your friends with ease. For added ease, our range of dual fuel cookers feature advanced technology, including conventional, fan, and multifunction ovens, telescopic oven shelves, griddle plates, cast iron pan supports, wok burners, and modern oven timers. And, with catalytic liners and removable inner door glass, cleaning your range cooker is a breeze, leaving you free to focus on what you love.

    Available in a variety of traditional and modern styles and colours, you're sure to find the perfect appliance that complements your home decor. From sleek and stylish stainless steel to classic colours, we have a range cooker that is sure to make a statement and become the centrepiece of your home.

    Alongside our dual fuel models, the Leisure range cooker family also includes elegant electric range cookers, modern induction range cookers and traditional gas range cookers.