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Short of space in the kitchen? You don’t have to restrict your cooking options. Our 60cm range cooker collection gives you the freedom and flexibility to cook what you want, how you want, for whoever you want. Find the perfect range cooker for you.

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At 60cm, our slimmest range cookers may look petite, but they offer up spacious double ovens, delivering an impressive total capacity of 100 litres. Double ovens give you more than just space, they give you fan and conventional oven power combined. Electric, gas or dual fuel, you can combine the even cooking performance of an electric oven with the instant and instinctive heat of gas hobs too.

Available in a distinct range of contemporary and retro styles – the choice is yours. From beautiful silver range cookers to elegant blue range cookers, alongside bold red, classic cream and sleek stainless steel finishes, our 60cm range cooker collection offers a perfect colour match for every kitchen.

Every 60cm range cooker in our collection delivers clever cooking – fully programmable, you can set the timer on any of these models to heat up meals as you're on your way home. And cleaning is easy thanks to our specially coated Cook Clean Catalytic Liners, that clean as they cook so you don’t have to waste time scrubbing off stubborn grease and grime. Our oven doors are fitted with removable inner glass, so it’s quick and simple to keep your oven doors clean and clear for safer cooking.

Great things come in small packages. Leisure’s 60cm range cooker collection offers a compact way to get classic range styling without taking up valuable kitchen space. With a clever bit of internal design know-how, our surprisingly spacious slimline range cookers prove it’s perfectly possible to create the dishes you want, for as many people as you like, no matter how small your kitchen.

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