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Our electric range cookers look great and come in a range of stylish and functional designs that will complement any kitchen. Each electric range cooker heats up quickly and evenly, so they always cook your food perfectly.

Whether you’re looking for an impressive range cooker with plenty of wow factor or something a little more neutral, our electric range cookers are practical and dependable. Budding chefs can get creative in the kitchen, and when you’re short on time, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to cook roast or bake.

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Our electric range cookers are available in several different colours, styles and sizes, so they look good and get the job done. The Cuisinemaster range cookers are professional and offer flexible cooking options. They’re suitable for large families who like big meals and home cooked food, and they’re perfect if you want to impress your guests and get serious in the kitchen. If you have a smaller kitchen, Leisure Classic cookers offer flexible cooking, while taking up minimal space. Both the Cuisinemaster range cookers and the Leisure Classic cookers feature Cook Clean Catalytic Liners for ease of cleaning.

Cooking on gas has never been better with our gas range cookers. And as they heat up instantly, there’s no more waiting around, so you can start cooking straight away.

If your kitchen could use some brightening up, view our blue range cookers and add some colour to your culinary exploits.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current oven, or you’re designing the perfect fitted kitchen, our electric range cookers have plenty of options to choose from including multiple ovens for flexible cooking, multiple hobs, dedicated grills and a range of sizes to fit all kitchens.

Choose one of our practical and robust electric range cookers and start showing off your culinary expertise today.

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