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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Choosing a range cooker, seeking delivery and installation guidance, or needing Leisure appliance assistance? Explore our helpful content below or contact us for personalised support.

    Home Support FAQs

    Choosing Your Range Cooker

    • What style or colour of range cooker should I choose?

      The Leisure collection of traditional and contemporary range cookers means that there is a look to suit your kitchen style and really make an impact. Mix styles for a quirky look, or keep to sleek straight lines for a contemporary edge.

      A touch of colour can add to the design or simply compliment a theme. Choose from timeless finishes such as Black, Cream, Stainless Steel and Silver, or fall in love with the new coloured shades of red and blue.

    • Where can I buy Leisure range cookers?

      Leisure range cookers can be found in many different retailers both in-store and online. Our "Where to Find a Leisure" section lists where you can find models on display.

    • What is a Multifunction Oven?

      A multifunctional oven gives the most versatility of all oven types as it incorporates a number of functions – great for any type of menu. Functions include: fan/defrost, conventional, conventional + fan, fan heating, bottom heater and grill (small and large).

    • What is a Conventional/Static Oven?

      This consists of a heating element at the top and bottom of the oven cavity. The top element is visible, however the bottom element is hidden under the oven floor cavity. This is great for baking pies and cakes where you need heat both from the top and bottom. Use the middle shelf for the best results. When combined with a fan (fan assisted), the heat is distributed evenly around the oven.

    • What is a Fan Oven?

      A fan oven has a heating element around the fan behind the rear panel at the back of the oven. The electric element heats the air being circulated by the fan and evenly distributes it throughout the oven.

      The fan oven's all-over, even temperature allows you to use all the shelves at once for batch baking or for preparing a complete menu. You'll save time and energy too as it is quick to heat up. Check your recipes for the correct temperature as generally this can be lower in a Leisure range cooker.


      • Lower cooking temperatures by up to 20°c.
      • Reduced oven pre-heating time.
      • Even temperatures throughout the oven.
      • Suitable for batch baking.
    • How do I use a digital animated timer?

      The digital animated timer controls the many functions of the multifunction oven. As each cooking function is selected the animated display clearly shows you which cooking elements are heating and gives you an accurate digital readout of the oven temperature. Another very useful feature of the timer display is to allow you select semi and fully automatic operation, which will allow you to control the start and end times of your cooking.

    • Can Leisure range cookers be converted to LPG?

      Leisure dual fuel range cookers 60cm, 90cm, 100cm, Cookmaster and Cuisinemaster cookers can be converted to LPG, via a conversion kit. Gas Range 90 and Range 100 cookers cannot be converted to run on LPG.

      Please contact our Customer Service Team for further assistance.

    • My range cooker has a Flame Safety Device. What does that mean?

      Flame safety devices are very important devices which ensure that the gas supply is turned off from a burner in the event that the burner does not ignite or that the flame has been extinguished.

    • What makes an oven easy to clean?

      Full glass doors inside the ovens make them easy to clean as there are no nooks and crannies for dirt to hide and often these are removable for easy cleaning. An easy to clean hard enamel finish and catalytic liners make cleaning easier.

    • How do Catalytic Liners work?

      Catalytic liners are coated with fat-hungry micro-porous enamel and help absorb and eliminate the splashes that occur during cooking. Often referred to as Self-Clean, Stay-Clean or Cook and clean, these liners can be are recognised by their rough textured grey surface. When cooking these surfaces burn off the splashes so there is no need to scrub.

    • What fuel type should I choose?

      Leisure range cookers are available in gas, electric and dual fuel.

      Having a dual fuel range cooker means that the hob burners are gas but the ovens are electric.  Gas burners are very responsive and on some models there is a wok burner.   Electric ovens means that you benefit from larger usable spaces, faster heating times, and a more even heat distribution.

      Gas range cookers have both a gas hob and a gas oven but require an electric mains supply to power the timer and ignition.

      Electric range cookers have electric ovens and ceramic hobs. Ceramic hobs are often considered easier to clean because of the one piece surface, but they can also be used as an extended countertop space when not turned on.  Electric ovens offer faster heating times and even heat distribution thanks to fans.

    • How do I use the Cuisinemaster slow cooker function?

      The right hand top oven of your Range Cooker 100cm and 110cm allows you the benefits of slow cooking thanks to the lower temperature thermostat.

    Delivery And Installation

    • What size of mains supply cable will I need for my range cooker installation?

      This depends on the model and what the maximum power consumption is. This information is contained in the instructions about installation in the user manual. Find your manual here

    • Why don’t electric range cookers come with a mains supple cable already fitted?

      Due to their large power consumption electric cookers cannot be plugged into a standard 13 amp circuit and need to be hard wired into a higher rated circuit by a qualified electrician.

    • I have concerns that my existing electrical connection is insufficient for my new range cooker?

      Please discuss with your installer who will be able to advise you on this matter.

    • Why does a range cooker that uses gas have to be installed and serviced by a GAS SAFE registered engineer?

      It is a legal requirement that any gas appliance is installed by a suitably qualified GAS SAFE engineer to ensure that it is safe to use. In accordance with these requirements all our engineers are trained and qualified to attend to gas appliances. Incorrect installation and inadequate testing could result in a serious accident.

    • Why is there no hose supplied with my gas range cooker?

      All gas appliances must be installed by a GAS SAFE (UK) or Board Gais (Republic of Ireland) engineer who will supply the correct hose.

    • Why does a gas range cooker require a mains supply?

      The mains supply is required for the ignition to light the gas and to power the oven lights and clock.

    • Where can I obtain the cable to install my electric range cooker?

      Safety legislation dictates that our electric cookers must be installed by a qualified electrician who should supply the correct size cable and carry out the necessary safety tests, for this reason the product is supplied without cable.

    • How much space is required either side of the range cooker?

      Only enough so that it can be removed if required.

    • How heavy is my range cooker?

      The size and weight of a cooker can be found on the Technical Specification tab on each product page. Use our Product Selector or Search tool for an easy way to find your product.

    • What do I do to start using my range cooker?

      Once installed, set the time by following the instructions in your manual. If the timer is not set the ovens will not work. Run each oven according to the operating instructions to ensure that the appliance is ready to use when required. Find your manual online for reference

    • Why is there a smell coming from my range cooker?

      Before using for the first time, protective coatings need to be burnt off. During this initial stage, fumes will be emitted but this is quite normal. Ensure the room is well ventilated during the burning off process. Avoid directly inhaling the fumes during this process.

    • Why does the range cooker seem unstable?

      Please ensure that the feet have been correctly adjusted.

    How To Use Your Range Cooker

    • How do I obtain after sales services?

      Please visit the "Contact us" section of this web site where you can complete an enquiry form online. Alternatively telephone: 0845 600 4918 to contact our Customer Service department who will be happy to help you with your enquiry.

    • Where can I obtain a Spare Part for my range cooker?

      Please visit the "Spares" section on our web site.

    • Where can I find the instruction manual for my range cooker?

      Please visit the "Brochures/Manuals" section of this web site.

    • Where can I find the serial number on my range cooker?

      When viewed from the front the rating plate is located inside the lower left hand side oven door.

    • How do I set the clock on my cooker?

      Visit our how to guide for step by step instructions on how to set the clock on a range cooker.

    • How do I clean and care for my stainless steel surfaces?

      For cleaning and caring for stainless steel surfaces follow these suggestions: -Use stainless steel cleaner and polish. Use liquid detergent or all-purpose cleaner. Rinse with clean water and dry with soft, lint-free cloth. -Use vinegar for hard water spots -Do not use soap-filled scouring pads, abrasive cleaners, Cook top Polishing Cream, steel-wool pads, gritty wash cloths or some paper towels as this can lead to damage.

    • How can I adjust the temperature of my fan oven?

      Fan ovens quickly reach temperature and transfer heat more efficiently so they can generally be set at lower temperatures. Cooking times could be shortened by up-to 10 minutes per hour but you must make sure that the food is cooked through.

      Follow the conversion chart below

      (guidelines only)

      Conventional Oven Gas Oven (Mark) Fan Oven
      250°F / 120°C ½ 100°C
      275°F / 140°C 1 120°C
      300°F / 150°C 2 130°C
      325°F / 160°C 3 140°C
      350°F / 180°C 4 160°C
      375°F / 190°C 5 170°C
      400°F / 200°C 6 180°C
      425°F / 220°C 7 200°C
      450°F / 230°C 8 210°C
      475°F / 240°C 9 220°C
    • What type of pans can I use on my Ceramic glass hob surface?

      Select a smooth flat bottom pan. Use a straight edge to check for flatness. The ideal pan will have no daylight visible under the straight edge. Cookware of medium to heavy thickness are recommended. We do not recommend using unpainted aluminium, cast iron or copper pans. Aluminium and copper can transfer onto a ceramic hob leaving a permanent mark. Cast iron is heavy and sometimes rough on the bottom and may leave permanent scratches on the ceramic hob if slid or dragged off the surface.

    • Do I need to clean my catalytic liners?

      The liners work more efficiently at temperatures above 200 degrees centigrade and therefore should not require cleaning if used at higher temperatures.

    • What if I don’t do much cooking at this temperature or above?

      At the end of the cooking cycle (especially after roasting) leave the oven on its maximum temperature setting for a further 15 minutes to allow the stay clean process to do its work.

    • What is an Oven Thermostat?

      The thermostat is the part of the that regulates the oven's temperature ensuring it keeps to your selection. It monitors the interior temperature of the oven, turning on and shutting off the heat source according to the temperature setting.

    • Why does condensation appear in my oven?

      Condensation (steam) is a by product of cooking any food with a high water content eg frozen vegetables, chicken etc. We recommend not leaving food in the oven to cool after it has been cooked and the oven has switched off. It will also help if you use a covered container, wherever possible.

    • Does the glass lid have a safety shut off valve?

      When the lid is closed, a shut-off valve cuts off the gas supply to the hob burners for additional safety.

    • My range cooker has a "Flame Safety Device". What does it mean?

      Flame safety devices are very important devices which ensure that the gas supply is cut off in the event that the burner does not ignite or that the flame has been extinguished.