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    Factors to Consider When Choosing a Range Cooker

    If you're looking to redesign your kitchen, you may be considering choosing a range cooker. These cookers have a vast range of technical functions that simply can't be found with standard ovens. For this reason, they are popular with bakers and cooking enthusiasts up and down the country. There are, however, many factors to consider before purchasing a range cooker oven. In this latest guide, we cover everything you need to know and think about before buying one of our Leisure cookers, to ensure you choose the perfect range cooker for your home.

    Kitchen size and space

    Kitchen size and space

    The primary factor to consider when looking to alter your kitchen design with a range cooker is the size and space available within the room. Range cookers tend to be bigger than standard ovens, so if you have one of these currently installed in your kitchen, it's important to know whether this upgrade would physically fit. Requirements and sizing for range cookers can vary between different models; however, bear in mind there is typically a 2.5mm gap on the sides of the range cooker to allow for cabinetry. Once you have found a range cooker that suits your needs, make sure to take note of the measures and assess whether it can fit within your space.

    Positioning within your kitchen

    Positioning is everything when it comes to range cookers. It's important for the location to be accessible and convenient, as well as fit in well with the rest of your kitchen interior. While it could fit perfectly with your standard countertop, a stylish option would be on a kitchen island. Here at Leisure, we offer the perfect guide for fitting a range cooker oven into your kitchen island.

    Requirements and ease of installation

    Alongside the costs of the range cooker itself, it's also important to take into account any extra fees. Range cookers are large and often need professional assistance to be delivered and installed within your kitchen. In some cases, you may also need professional work carried out to make room or fit the cooker into a convenient place within your home. Research into installation costs before ordering your new cooker, to determine if the range cooker is still affordable for your budget.

    Is this a one-off purchase or part of a new kitchen installation?

    Some people choose to purchase range cookers as a one-off, whereas for other people it's a smaller part of a whole new kitchen installation. If this is the case for you, it's important to liaise with the professionals working on your home improvements to know when they would need to install the new cooker. There may be times when certain kitchen utilities must be installed to coincide with other work being completed. Make sure to order your new range cooker with enough time to fit in with your kitchen installation.

    Safety for children and pets

    Safety for children and pets

    Considerations for safety are always necessary when it comes to kitchens, especially if you have little ones or pets running around. Some range cooker ovens can have a much bigger heat output than standard ovens. It's important to consider the precautions you would need to take with a young family or pets, and whether a range cooker is right for your household in general.

    How much will you be spending?

    Range cookers are a big investment for any home. Not just for the initial cost of the cooker itself, but also for the running and upkeep. It's important to identify a budget when choosing your perfect range cooker, which is why we have created our handy budget guide for you to refer to in the purchase process. Alongside this, it's also vital to consider the services connected to your home. For example, if you run off gas, installing a range cooker may lead to additional costs and prove more expensive in the long run. Look to the future and calculate not only how much the cooker will cost you, but also the price of running it yearly. This helps to give you a better idea of budget, as well as whether or not a range cooker is a viable option for your household.

    Cost of fuel vs cost of living

    It has been no secret as of late that the cost of fuel, as well as the cost of living in general, has risen sharply. Everything across all walks of life is costing more, and we are all burning through our monthly income far quicker than we would like to. It's necessary to take into consideration whether the rise in the cost of fuel, combined with the current cost of living crisis, makes this an appropriate time for you to buy a range cooker.

    type of cooking on a range cooker

    How much/what type of cooking do you do?

    Range cookers are loved for the endless possibilities they give when cooking and channelling your inner chef in the kitchen. You should take into account the type of cooking you and your family carry out on a regular basis. This helps you to identify the type of range cooker you would make the most use of. For example, does your family do a lot of baking? Or perhaps you enjoy the use of a slow cooker in the winter? Also consider how much you utilise the hob of your cooker, as these differ with each range cooker model and size.

    How much time do you spend cooking?

    For some people, cooking is a passion that they dedicate every weekend to. For others, it's a necessity that they don't take huge amounts of joy in. These two viewpoints will affect a number of factors when it comes to buying a range cooker. For example, if you thrive when cooking, you may justify spending more or buying a bigger oven. For others, they may only want a range cooker with simple functions that fit comfortably within their budget.

    How many people do you cook for?

    The size of your household and the number of people you have to cook for is also a factor to consider when buying your new range cooker. For example, if you have a large family with more mouths to feed, you're likely to need a bigger oven to facilitate larger amounts of cooking. Whereas if you live alone, you could get away with smaller amounts of oven space.

    type of cooking on a range cooker

    Colour scheme and design

    Besides practicalities, you must also consider the overall look and design of your new range cooker. Make sure to pick a range cooker that not only has every function you would like but also fits in seamlessly with the decor of the rest of your kitchen. Alternatively, you may want a range cooker that stands out and acts as the centre of the room. Here at Leisure, we offer a variety of range cookers to fit every style, design, and interior aesthetic.

    When choosing your dream range cooker, it's important to consider the future as well as the present. It's always good to opt for a timeless style that could fit in with a number of different kitchen designs if you ever wanted to redecorate in the future. This ensures you get the most out of your new range cooker investment.

    Which accessories will you be buying?

    The great part about range cookers is that you can purchase a number of accessories to work alongside them. These obviously come at additional costs, so if you had certain items in mind you should factor them into your overall budget. For example, a cooker hood, or perhaps a new set of durable oven mitts. You should also consider that you may have to purchase new baking trays, as your old ones may not fit with different size specification ovens.

    After you have taken all the above points into consideration, you're in the perfect position to begin your new range cooker journey. All it takes is a small amount of assessment of your physical space, budgetary requirements, and household needs. No matter your kitchen, at Leisure we have a variety of range cookers with different ovens, hob types and sizes to suit your needs. View our range cookers here.

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