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    What Is A Range Cooker?

    what is a range cooker

    Range cookers are often recommended as a great option for those who love cooking and love their kitchen. And here at Leisure, with over 130 years of range cooking history, we’re proud to be one of the leading brands in the UK. But what is a range cooker exactly, and how does it differ from other cookers, ovens and hobs?

    In short, the range cooker definition is a freestanding cooker that usually comes with two or more good sized ovens, a selection of hob burners, and a grill. In many cases, there might be up to three ovens, as well as a grill and up to seven burners on the top. Many people when wondering what a range cooker is will conjure up ideas of antique ovens with solid metal doors and heated storage compartments, but contemporary range cookers are much more suited to modern cooking. They’re designed to be highly practical and are a great choice for those who want or need the very best.

    Premium design

    premium design range cookers

    Generally, quality range cookers will also bring an element of great design to the kitchen. Far from being purely functional, they offer beautiful craftsmanship, and their freestanding nature can make them a focal point in the kitchen. Whereas built-in appliances are designed to fully blend into cupboards and work surfaces, range cookers are given their own character. It’s not uncommon for designers to work around a great range cooker when they’re giving inspiration to a space, and by the same token they’re often specified to stand out from the rest of the kitchen’s design, to provide a real centrepiece.

    With many range cookers, you’ll also get a wider design choice when compared with built-in units, and smaller freestanding cookers. From sleek steel units that evoke a professional appearance, to bold reds and blues that give the cooker genuine character, range cookers can often be specified in many different ways.

    High performance

    high performance range cookers

    The benefits of range cookers are many. Most obvious of which is the flexibility they bring. If you’re the sort of person who loves to entertain guests with multiple dishes, then a range cooker is an essential addition to the kitchen. One of the main things that sets apart a range cooker from alternatives is the number of compartments, with full-size cookers having two or even three separate ovens, plus a grill. Gas range cookers and dual fuel models can boast up to 7 burners. This allows you to keep on top of multiple dishes at once, all at different temperatures, with different cooking times.

    It’s not uncommon for people to become quite attached to their range cookers, particularly if it’s of a high quality, and therein lies another of the benefits to range cookers. Being freestanding, they can be more easily removed from a kitchen if you move house and installed elsewhere.

    And there you have it. ‘Range cooker’ meaning is quite simple. High capacity, high quality, versatile freestanding cooker, with great aesthetics too.