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    Which range cooker works best for your kitchen?

    which range cooker works best

    Not sure what range cooker to buy? After all, they are a major purchase and more than just a typical home appliance, a range cooker can be the stand out star in your kitchen. They will be the focal point of your kitchen when it comes to preparing food, and even in terms of design. That’s why it’s important you pick the one that’s right for you. Here are a few things that you should think about to help you choose the best range cooker for your space.


    Range Cooker Size

    There are three standard widths when it comes to range cookers: 90cm,100cm and 110cm. Increasing in width each time, the various sizes give you a lot of choice in terms of the number of ovens and burners that you get.

    90cm versions generally offer you a standard oven compartment, a full height compartment, and a dedicated grill, which in some cookers can also be used as a third oven. Beyond that and moving up to 100cm range or even those as large as 110cm, you will benefit from four cavities with up to three ovens and a dedicated grill, along with seven burners on the hob. Your choice will depend on the amount of kitchen space you have to work with, as well as your requirements. Range cookers are designed to be flexible in all situations, but those who cook regularly for larger groups will want to opt for a wider cooker.

    In addition to the three standard sizes, there is also a smaller 60cm range style cooker, which is ideal for more compact kitchens.


    Range Cooker Design

    Range cookers are more than just appliances, which is why most are given considerable thought when they’re designed. Here at Leisure, we’re very pleased to be able to offer a wide variety of colours for you to choose from, allowing you to pick a range cooker that blends beautifully with your existing decor, or becomes the focal point of your new kitchen.

    Choose from sleek and modern black and stainless-steel range cooker options, traditional cream, or even one of our bold red or blue options. The choice is entirely up to you; think about whether you want your cooker to blend in or stand out.


    Range Cooker Fuel

    Fuel choice is an important consideration, and one that may or may not be dictated by your kitchen. You have a choice of gas, electric or dual fuel. Gas range cookers use gas burners on the hob, as well as gas ovens and grills. They work well in traditional kitchens, and are good for those that want responsive heating and low running costs. Electric range cooker ovens bring fan-assisted cooking for even heat distribution, along with easy-to-clean electric hobs, with ceramic glass or induction burners. Dual fuel range cookers aims to deliver for those that want electric ovens along with a responsive gas hob. It’s all down to preference, but you might be restricted if there’s no gas supply. And gas cookers still need a mains electricity connection too.


    Range Cooker Features

    While many people might think of range cookers as being traditional, in reality they often come with many great cutting-edge features, just as you’d expect with any good modern cooker.

    Have a think about any additional features that you might want from your cooker. Many Leisure range cookers, for example, not only come with timer functions, but programmable ovens too, so you can set them to switch off at a specific time. Grill, griddle and hot plate functionality might be important to you, as well as innovative ideas such as Leisure’s Cook Clean liners, which take much of the hassle out of cleaning.