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    Using the Griddle With A Range Cooker

    Fancy some steak and ribs or a traditional English breakfast fry up of black pudding, sausage and bacon? You can easily do barbeque style cooking indoors on the separate side griddle that comes with certain models from the Leisure range cooker collection.

    Steps to Use Your Griddle

    1. Place the griddle on the pins of the ceramic plate. For models without a ceramic plate, place the griddle onto the two right hand burners
    2. Turn on the ceramic plate or both right hand burners
    3. Grill your meal to perfection and avoid using metal utensils on the griddle
    4. Serve and enjoy
    5. To clean the griddle after use, use warm water with washing up liquid and wipe with a non-abrasive cloth or sponge
    6. Dry the griddle with a soft cloth to remove any residue