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    There is nothing better than spending time with your friends and loved ones. Sitting together and sharing a meal is one of the purest joys in life, and to honour this much-loved celebration we’ve asked foodie bloggers from around the UK to create dinner party menus to showcase the area they live in. Do you fancy cooking up a taste of the Emerald Isle? Want to wow your guests with a Southern banquet? Or are you looking to host a Northern feast? Choose your favourite dinner party menu below and make your next occasion a true foodie celebration!

    Cardiff has a wealth of options available if you want to throw a dinner party with an ethical focus. This menu brings together locally grown vegetables and sustainably produced meats for a feast suitable for St. David himself. Prepared with one of our 110cm range cookers, it’s easy to make the multiple dishes at the same time, so you can leave your vegetables in one oven to roast while you get on preparing your main course.

    • Balsamic Roasted Market Vegetables With Halloumi

      This makes for a great vegetarian starter.

    • Pasta with Charcutier Ltd Italian Sausages

      This recipe uses flavoursome sausages from Charcutier Ltd to create a dish that is tasty and relatively quick to make.

    • Baked Peaches

      Baked peaches are a real treat, paired with local honey.


    The foodie scene in Brighton is as diverse as the people who call the city home. This menu takes its inspiration from far and wide to create a feast that feels Brighton through and through. Locally sourced meat and seafood give this menu a tiny carbon footprint and ensure sustainability while making the most of local producers. Prepared on one of our gas range cookers, the various elements of this great dinner party menu can be made at the same time and at different temperatures thanks to the multiple ovens. And, you can even prepare a lot of it in advance and keep the dishes warm in the range cooker, until you are ready to serve.

    • Seared Scallops With Truffle Honey & Apple

      Using local scallops and a tasty celeriac puree this dish is bursting with flavour.

    • Lamb Stifado

      An update on a classic, hearty meal using South Downs Lamb.

    • Espresso Panna Cotta

      The classic after dinner coffee is incorporated into the dessert.


    Cooking for a gathering of friends is extremely easy with one of our dual fuel range cookers. They have more hobs and cooking areas than a standard cooker which means less stress! You can cook multiple dishes at the same time, at different temperatures without any hassle. Some ranges even have two ovens, so you can cook your main course in one oven and your dessert in the other at the same time. This three-course dinner party menu has dishes which make use of the stress-free cooking offered by Leisure range cookers. Prep your meals, leave them to cook and get on with enjoying the best bits of a dinner party, the wine and chat!

    • Cullen Skink

      A delicious, warming fish stew.

    • Roasted Rack of Lamb with Roast Vegetables

      Nothing beats a perfectly roasted rack of lamb.

    • Plum Sponge

      The humble sponge gets a fruity update in this delicious dessert.


    This menu uses some of the amazing produce available in the North of England. From delicious fresh fish to seasonal fruits and vegetables. This dinner party menu will give you a true taste of Yorkshire and the surrounding areas. Get the best out of your ingredients using one of our electric range cookers, perfect if you’re roasting beets for the starter while preparing the fish for the main. The extra hob burners mean you can be making the posset, stewing rhubarb, and cooking your main course all at the same time – without the pots and pans fighting for space!

    • Beetroot & Cheese Salad

      A stunningly robust winter salad, full of earthiness and sweetness.

    • East Coast Fish Stew

      The catch of the day in a deliciously moreish stew.

    • St Clement's Posset

      A delicious twist on a classic.


    This menu is a lighter take on the traditional rich dinner party feasts. The quick and simple starter is followed by a flavourful main that makes the most of locally sourced salad ingredients and a criminally underused cut of beef. The whole meal is finished off with a crisp, fruity dessert: a delicious pavlova. The key to making this popular dessert is to leave it to cool in the oven without opening the door. With one of our 100cm range cookers, this is incredibly easy. Multiple ovens mean you won’t have to disturb your wonderfully crisp creation as you can use a different oven for other dishes you’re cooking at the same time.

    • Chilli & Garlic Butter Crab Claws

      This brilliantly simple recipe takes almost no time to prepare, meaning it’s perfect as a dinner party starter.

    • Beef Onglet & Blue Cheese Salad

      A lighter option for a main course.

    • Autumnal Brown Sugar Pavlova

      Don’t be afraid of making this meringue yourself, it’s brilliantly simple.


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