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    Scottish cuisine is no longer focused around haggis and whisky. The food scene in Glasgow has exploded in the last few years. With this, more restaurants are listing not only who their suppliers are, but also where the farms are based. This helps customers make more ethical choices as they know exactly where their food comes from.


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    Emma, who writes for Glasgow food blog, The Foodie Explorers, shared her favourite places to buy ethical food and drink in Scotland. Cook up your own super Scottish feast on one of our range cookers.

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    Where Should I Buy Everyday Essentials

    Roots Fruits and Flower

    Roots Fruits and Flowers

    Roots Fruits and Flowers is a small Glasgow chain, which serves an array of delicious foods, from fresh vegetables to an array of enticing ingredients from their sizeable deli. Local suppliers are the focus here, with a wealth of information about where the products are from. Established in 1980, Roots Fruits and Flowers have been serving Glasgow with fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers, deli items as well as organic products for almost four decades. The store won Best Independent Food Shop by BBC Good Food Show Scotland in 2016.

    Great Western Rd, G3 8ND

    Where should I buy meat & poultry?

    James Allan Steak

    James Allan Butchers

    I try to visit James Allan Butchers at least once every two weeks to stock up on meat. The shop has been serving Hyndland for decades now and is a family favourite. The father and son team who own the shop have a vast amount of experience.

    They’re a traditional butcher, serving Scottish meat sourced from different areas of Scotland, depending on each location’s speciality. Lamb from Shetland, beef and lamb from Orkney and Ayrshire pork. As well as fresh meat and poultry, the shop is the go-to place for sausages, burgers, pies and meat products. Their in-house Italian and Cumberland sausages are well-worth buying, known for their moreish taste and sumptuous texture.

    You can always rely on great service, with the guys always happy to tell you everything you want to know, from where the meat is from to how it was raised, and top tips for cooking it.

    Lauderdale Gardens, G12 9QU

    Where should I buy fresh fish?

    The Fish Plaice

    The Fish Plaice

    The Fish Plaice is another long family favourite. It’s been serving Glasgow for over 40 years and is still going strong. I have lots of happy memories visiting here as a child and finding out that there was more to seafood than breaded fish!

    This is old school fish selling with hosed down tiles and all. Make your way through the boxes of mussels and oysters, and take your pick from rows of haddock, cod, langoustine and much more. Perthshire game is also sold here when in season, so look out for freshly skinned rabbits and grab one before they go. Scottish tomatoes sold by the vine can also be bought here.

    This is the place to go to in Glasgow for Monkfish, Salmon and Langoustines especially. However, it’s hard not to buy a bit of everything as there’s just so much exceptional quality produce on offer.

    1 St Andrews Street, G1 5PB

    Where should I buy fresh veg?



    Locavore deliver weekly veg boxes with seven to nine varieties of vegetables each week. The contents of the vegetable boxes vary due to seasonality but generally include potatoes, carrots and onions. The produce is mostly grown by Locavore themselves or sourced from other Scottish growers, and is never sourced from outside the UK.

    Locavore doesn't specialise in a particular type of fruit or veg, with the focus being on locally grown food, encouraging seasonality.

    Nithsdale Road, G41 2AN

    Where are the best farmers markets?

    Southside Farmers Market

    Southside Farmers Market

    Langside Halls: Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, 10am – 2pm. In Glasgows’ markets, you can find a huge range of locally produced food. There are stalls brimming with fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables, local cheeses, as well as meat and eggs from local farmers. You’ll also be able to find some delicious sweet treats, and there are street food stalls to keep you going if you get peckish.

    Langside Rd, G42 9QL

    Northside Farmers Marke

    Northside Farmers Market

    Mansfield Park: Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of month, 10am – 2pm. I love the buzz of the local market and the variety on offer, from local beer to Spanish style cured meats and cheeses at a rustic stall called ‘Taste of Spain’. These are my favourite stalls and worth a visit, proving that you can have delicious food and not have to incur air miles for it. The food (and drink) sold here are generally within an hour to two hours’ drive from Glasgow.

    Mansfield Park Hyndland Street, G11 5QE

    Where are the best restaurants & cafés?

    The Gannet

    The Gannet

    The Gannet is nationally renowned for its superb dining and is a three AA Rosette and Bib Gourmand establishment. My favourite place to eat out is The Gannet, where you can have a light lunch or a full a la carte menu. Both are superb. Start with the delicious Stornoway black pudding Scotch duck egg and then move onto the St Brides Farm guinea fowl. And even though it sounds like a meat eater’s heaven (which it is), there are limited but delicious options for vegetarians too, including foraged wild Scottish mushrooms. Check out Chef Peter McKenna’s Instagram feed to find out what he’s been outsourcing that day to see what’s fresh.

    Argyle St, G3 8TB

    The Ubiquitous Chip

    The Ubiquitous Chip

    Fine dining restaurants, such as The Ubiquitous Chip, were big supporters of provenance before it became trendy. Known locally as simply, ‘The Chip’, the menu is based on traditional regional Scottish dishes, and they grow a lot of their ingredients themselves as they also own their own farm. You’re guaranteed a meal that’s as delicious as it is ethical!

    Ubiquitous Chip, G12 8SJ

    Where are the best breweries?

    Lawman Brewing

    Lawman Brewing

    In 2015 CAMRA stated that there were around 80 breweries in Scotland. In years gone by it would have been light, heavy and export beers. Nowadays, there’s every type of style, meaning there’s no shortage of beer to try. From small operations such as Lawman Brewing in Glasgow to internationally known operations such as Innis & Gunn and BrewDog. Scottish craft beer is really making a name for itself.

    Kelvin Rd N, G67 2BD

    Lerwick Brewery

    Lerwick Brewery

    One of my favourite breweries is Lerwick Brewery from Shetland. Since starting in 2013, this family-run place sells a selection of beers, which are generally crisp and tasty. Try the 60° North, which is a crisp pilsner lager and good all-around drink.

    Staneyhill, North Road, ZE1 0NA

    Harris Distillery

    Harris Distillery

    Once only known for Whisky, Scotland is home to a burgeoning Gin scene, with over 70 percent of gin produced in the UK made in Scotland. One of my favourites is Isle of Harris Gin. Not only is the bottle divine, the botanical spirit is absolutely delicious. Gin infused with sea flavours makes Isle of Harris Gin one to convert even the most anti-gin person into a fan.

    Tarbert, Isle of Harris, HS3 3DJ

    Where are the best independent coffee shops?

    Papercup Coffee

    Papercup Coffee

    Glasgow is awash with indie coffee shops. One of my favourites is Papercup Coffee. Since starting in 2012, Papercup Coffee has grown to become a Glasgow institution. They source their beans through direct trade agreements or through reputable speciality importers, and roast in-house. I’m a big fan of their simple and creamy flat white. If you’re more of an adventurous type they have V60, Aeropress, Cold Drip and Clever – a combo of French Press and Drip Filter.

    603 Great Western Rd, G12 8HX

    This region is known for…



    One of the best known Scottish exports, second only to whisky, is haggis – a savoury dish made from sheep’s pluck (liver, heart and lungs). It’s mixed with a variety of oats, spices and stock and traditionally held together in a lining of animal stomach – although these days it’s more usual to find it in a synthetic casing. It’s delicious – don’t be put off by the ingredient list, once you’ve tried traditional Scottish haggis you’ll be hooked for life.

    Arbroath Smokies

    Arbroath Smokies

    These are delicious smoked haddock from the town of Arbroath. They’ve been named as one of the top 50 foods in the UK, and have been raved about by TV chefs just as much as locals. They’re still made along the coast by small family run smokehouses to this day. No other smoked fish tastes quite like them.

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