About Helen Graves

I’m a freelance food and travel writer and editor based in Camberwell, South East London. At the moment my days are split between writing, my role as Food and Drink Editor at Londonist, and recipe development. I’ve been writing about food for ten years, having got into it because I started one of the first food blogs. Now there are thousands of course, but back then there were only a few!

I remember people commenting when I was little that I was ‘always eating’, so I suppose I must have always been passionate about food. I have very strong food memories, from making myself ill eating whole jars of pickled onions, to the big pink No. 6 birthday cake I had for my – you’ve guessed it – 6th birthday.

My blog is called Food Stories and on there I mostly write recipes, although in recent years I’ve started doing a lot of travel writing as well. I’ve been very much inspired by the diversity of the area that I live in, on the border of Peckham and Camberwell, and that has influenced my style of cooking in a huge way.