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    Trends Within The Tribes

    At Leisure, we’re always on the lookout for the next big foodie trend. We love trying new things, discovering new flavours and revelling in the joys of feasting. To find out the next big thing, we’ve asked some influential foodies to share their insider knowledge with us. They’ve each created a recipe for their chosen Food Tribe using a Leisure range cooker that showcases the next.

    • Tribes To Table

      See our tribes come to life with our amazing tribes to table design piece, get your taste buds tingling with this visual extravaganza courtesy of Leisure.

    • Meat Tribe Trend – Middle Eastern Flavours

      Helen is spicing things up with her love of Middle Eastern flavours.

    • Veggie Tribe Trend – Root to leaf

      We create so much unnecessary food waste, Kate is on a mission to change that.

    • Oysters and Razor Clams

      Niamh is teaching us to be adventurous and celebrate the joys of shellfish.

    • Sugar-Free Baking

      Dominic shares his new-found passion for sugar-free baking and explores healthy options for the sweet-toothed.

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