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    Top 5 Creative Kitchen Ideas To Liven Up Your Kitchen

    Want to change something about your kitchen, but don’t necessarily want to go through the hassle of a full remodel? Here are five of our favourite kitchen ideas that can help refresh your space without too much effort. Some will take a few minutes, and others an afternoon - but they’re all easily achievable!

    Add a splash of colour

    Nothing livens up a kitchen like colour. It’s all too easy to be tempted by neutral shades such as grey or magnolia, but bold choices can really make a statement. Buy a few test pots and see what a new splash of colour would look like. If you’re feeling really adventurous, then consider not just the walls, but cupboards and drawers too. You’d be surprised at the lift that you can give an old kitchen with nothing more than an afternoon and some decent quality paint.

    Integrate Technology

    Adding technology to any room can make it more fun and functional, and there’s no shortage of options these days. Smart kitchen gadgets like Wifi slow cookers, jars that measure the weight of ingredients remaining and voice-activated devices controlling numerous aspects of kitchen life are increasingly available. Think about whether you want to use the space for entertaining guests or as a creative studio for your culinary exploits, and pick something that enhances the way your kitchen works.

    Add a range cooker

    Changing your old cooker for a stylish and versatile range cooker is a great way of giving the kitchen a quick lift. Leisure has a wide selection of range cookers, from smaller 90cm cooking ranges, to full-size 110cm range cookers that make cooking for multiple guests a breeze. What’s more is that range cookers offer an added style bonus over your typical cooker. If you have a particularly compact space, we’ve even got range-style 60cm cookers.

    If you are considering a new range cooker, visit our before you buy section - packed with all the information you need when considering if a range cooker is for you.

    Change the bulbs

    It might seem like a really small kitchen tweak, but changing the lightbulbs can make a surprising difference to how it feels. Different coloured lights can change the room from cold and sterile, to warm and welcoming with hardly any effort. And we’ve already mentioned tech - why not try some of the new and innovative WiFi bulbs available on the market that can change colour based on inputs from a smartphone app?

    Add Plants

    Our final piece of advice is to add some greenery to the space. It’s been long proven that plants can make a room feel more welcoming, and generally promote a happier and healthier environment. Fortunately, whether you’re green-fingered or not, there are loads of really simple options out there. If you’ve got a super trendy space, then consider some low maintenance succulents that look great as decoration. For a more traditional look, go for flowers in the centre of the room. Another great idea is a miniature herb garden, which can be kept in a space as small as your windowsill, and can really enhance the dishes that you cook.