Here are a few apartment kitchen ideas to help make sure that you create the perfect space for your home, combining style and functionality. It is key to ensure you make the most of what you have available, including letting in plenty of light, adding more colour and accessorising to make use of every inch of your kitchen.

Keep things simple

One of the main issues in an apartment kitchen is space - unless you have an expensive penthouse. Lots of clutter can start to make any space feel cramped, so we’d advise that you keep this down to a minimum. Counter space is something valued by all good cooks, and there’s no doubt that you will need to ensure that non-functional items take up the minimum amount of room possible. Walls are certainly an option, but bear in mind that covered walls can also make the space feel a little smaller.

Use clever tricks

There are of course ways that you can use decor to make the space feel larger. Light is really important, so make the most of whatever windows you’ve got. Avoid heavy curtains that encroach on the sides of the windows, and instead choose blinds that allow the maximum light in. Similarly, mirrors can go a long way to help cast light throughout the room, while giving it the impression of being larger than it actually is.

Consider colour

Dark colours are known to make rooms feel more compact and cosy. This might be exactly what you want in a snug or study, but when it comes to an apartment kitchen, you’ll want to stick with brighter, more open colours that work well with the light. This doesn’t mean being conservative of course - you can still pick a colourful scheme for the walls and even cupboards - but try to go for lighter shades. You can always add a little bit of colour into the kitchen by going for more vibrant appliances. Kettles, toasters, microwaves and range cookers can be had in eye catching tones - such as our vibrant blue range cookers or vivid red range cookers. These work well if you’ve gone for a neutral colour on the walls, cupboards or the worktops.

Smart design

A good kitchen should be practical and stylish, whatever its size. When it comes to practicality, always remember to use height where you can, such as with hanging fruit baskets. Make sure that every corner is utilised, for example with fold-out corner racks. And choose slimline appliances where you can, to ensure you’re giving yourself the maximum cooking space possible.

And choose slimline appliances such as a 60cm range-style cooker, where you can, to ensure you’re giving yourself the maximum cooking space possible.

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