The Leisure Range

At Leisure, we believe that food is not just for sustenance; it is to be indulged, feasted upon and explored. That's why we are passionate about making cooking easy for everyone.

Each of our range cookers are prepared with methodical care, seasoned with thoughtfully selected, refined technologies and garnished with both rustic and modern designs.

Let us be the essence of your inspiration with several width options, multiple fuel types and our choice of six stunning colours and finishes, allowing for the most flavourful complement to your kitchen.

The Good Housekeeping Institute runs rigorous tests on performance, ease of use and design. We are proud that our 90cm, 100cm and 110cm Cookmaster and Cuisinemaster models have met this strict criteria and have been awarded the GHI approved logo.

Help searching for a Range Cooker

Leisure cookers come in four widths - 60cm, 90cm, 100cm and 110cm. The size of your cooker depends on your personal tastes and your kitchen, and if you have an existing kitchen, you may need to work with the space you already have. However it's worth remembering that if you can find an extra 40cm of space, you can have up to 3 ovens and a large hob.

What fuel type should I choose?

Leisure cookers are available in gas, electric and dual fuel. If you prefer gas but do not have a supply readily available, then you can choose from fully electric models, or convert dual fuel range cookers to LPG. Please contact our Customer Service team for more information.

Dual fuel means that the hob burners are gas, but the ovens are electric. Gas burners are very responsive, and on some models, a wok burner is available. Electric ovens give you more space to work with, faster heating times, and a more even heat distribution.

Gas cookers have a gas hob and a gas oven, but require an electric mains supply to power the timer and ignition.

Electric range cookers have electric ovens and ceramic hobs. Ceramic hobs are often considered easier to clean because of the one-piece surface, but they can also serve as handy countertop space when not in use. As mentioned above, electric ovens give you more space, offer faster heating times, and more even heat distribution.

What style or colour should I choose?

The Leisure collection of traditional and contemporary range cookers means that there is a look to suit your kitchen style and really make an impact. Go with cream or black, or professional with steel and silver. Add a splash of colour with red, blue and white. You can mix styles and colours for a quirky look, or keep to sleek straight lines for a contemporary edge.

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