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    What Does A Modern Kitchen Look Like?

    If you’re thinking of redesigning your kitchen, or you’re lucky enough to be specifying the kitchen in your new build, then you’ve probably had a good look at all of the different types of decor that you could go for.

    If it’s modern you’re looking for, then you’re in good company, because it’s one of the most popular looks; particularly because a clean and modern appearance can really help to make a kitchen feel timeless. This is of course important if you’re going to be enjoying the space for many years to come. With this in mind, let’s take a look at a few modern kitchen ideas.


    What is modern kitchen decor? Minimalism is the primary driver of the modern aesthetic at the moment. It doesn’t need to be taken to an extreme, but generally, designers will try to reduce clutter, smooth edges, and avoid any excessively ornate design elements.

    Colours don’t necessarily have to be neutral, but you’ll find that greyscale is the most common look, though bright block colours can work too. Combining style with functionality is also really important - the modern kitchen should be easy to use and ergonomic. Think of handles recessed into cupboards, and innovative yet discreet storage solutions such as fold-out racks in corner units.


    The Internet of Things has arrived, and with it, the Smart Home. This means that every room in the house now has the potential to be connected, and the kitchen is certainly no different. Any truly modern kitchen will make good use of what the market has to offer.

    Most people will be well aware of virtual assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home, but there’s so much more available. Lights, heating and even kettles can be remotely controlled, and grocery monitoring tech can even help you ensure that you never run out of essentials like bread, milk and eggs.


    Materials are really important when it comes to achieving that modern feel, and often it’s more about the finish than the type of material. If you’re looking for ways to modernise your kitchen, then this is a great option. Modern kitchens will often make use of smoother, flatter stones and wood. Instead of decorative wooden cupboard doors, think sleek and flat with tactile, smooth edges.

    Our stainless steel range cookers are a good example of how this sleek look can be achieved. Match it with similar metal elements throughout, and remember that how something feels is just as important as how it looks.