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    Kitchen Trends 2020


    We’ve had a few years now in which a super sleek, modern style has been the go-to for many kitchen designers, but in 2020, designers are expecting to make things a little more interesting. That’s not to say that we’re going to see a dramatic shift to the traditional, but people are increasingly looking at bringing in some more vintage flair to their designs, as well as some more rustic and environmentally-conscious design elements. Think about modern bars and restaurants as your inspiration. It’s really uncommon to see overly minimal design these days, with most venues opting for a more eclectic mix of styles, with greater use of decoration while retaining a shabby chic look. We’re certainly not at maximalism yet, but don’t be afraid to make things a little more interesting. Check out kitchen showrooms to get an idea and take a look at some of our traditional-style range cookers for more inspiration.


    Marble is certainly a more traditional choice, but it’s also very much back in fashion. Lending a luxury feel to a kitchen, it’s a great choice for pairing with both modern and vintage styles. It works especially well with deep blues. However, a word of warning. Real marble can be prone to staining, so it’s not always a great choice in a busy family kitchen, or for regular entertainers who love red wine! Reclaimed wood and tiles are also expected to fit really well with the throwback feel so popular in 2020.

    Finally, metal is going to make an appearance again, but with a little more flair than just utilitarian stainless steel surfaces. Brass and other more interesting-looking metals will be seen on handles, appliances and surfaces. In more adventurous kitchens, full brass worktops and splashbacks might even be seen.


    Lots of people play it safe when they create their kitchen, which is why greyscale has been popular for a while now. However, many designers are expecting to see people make a few changes by adding a little colour to the kitchen. Colour is notoriously tricky when it comes to longevity however, which is why, if you’re adding colour to something other than walls, it may be wise to stick to less bold shades. Muted greens and blues are both major trends in 2020, lending a restrained style to the space. Not quite as plain as grey, but without the risk of bold colour. These colours work well in a more modern-looking space, and those with a more traditional feel. Painted wood especially looks good in muted greens and blues.