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    Food Trends In The UK

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    The rise of veganism and movement towards people consuming a more sustainable diet, whether that’s eating with the seasons, having a meat-free day each week or buying food locally, has meant that the diet we eat has changed greatly. Using data from the UK Government on the quantity of different foods purchased each week, we’ve analysed 25 years of the UK diet to see which foods have risen in popularity and what we’re eating less of.

    • Dairy
    • Fruit & Veg
    • Carbohydrates
    • Meats & Fish
    • Fats & Sugars
    • Beverages
    • Other

    Use the filters to sort the data a-z by food and high to low for the percent change and years.

    Use the dropdown to sort the data a-z by food and high to low for the percent change.

    Units = amount in grams or millilitres purchased per person per week


    We’ve used data from Gov.UK which looks at the units purchased per person, per week for a variety of foods. We looked at items that had data from 1993 onwards to provide 25 years of changes in the UK diet. Only products with specific descriptions were included, any descriptions that grouped products by ‘other’ were removed. Eggs are stated as the number of eggs purchased per person week rather than in milliliters or grams. All data can be viewed in this document.