Range Cookers

The elegance and versatility of range cooking can be enjoyed in a far broader variety of kitchens than you might imagine. Whether you favour a truly expansive three-oven range cooker – look no further than the professional standard Cuisinemaster – or the compact convenience of the double oven Classic, the Leisure collection has a range cooker for you.


Leisure range cookers don’t just look the part, they also bring a smart, flexible style of cookery to your kitchen that will transform the way you cook for your family and friends. With a range cooker even ambitious dinner party catering can be a breeze thanks to an array of features that introduce professional-style functionality to the domestic kitchen. With up to three large multifunctional ovens, a generous hob and features like warming zones, griddle plates and wok burners you’ll wonder how you ever coped without a range cooker.

Our collection brings choice and flexibility to the range cooker experience, offering an amazing breadth of design options and allowing you to select a Leisure range cooker that will perfectly complement your lifestyle and kitchen. Pick from four different widths, ranging from 60cm to 110cm, and an assortment of sophisticated colours and styles – including sleek contemporary models and more traditional styles. Whether you favour a cosy, rustic feel or a more modern, minimal look our collection has a ravishing range cooker that’s ready to take centre stage in your kitchen.

The breadth of our collection also extends to pricing. We have plenty of affordable range cooker deals and compact entry level models that are perfect if you want to experience the style and versatility of range cooking but don’t have the space for one of our larger cookers.

Finding the perfect range cooker has never been easier. Electric range cookers can provide the benefits of induction cooking and even oven temperatures, while gas range cookers offer quick response temperature changes on the hob and in the oven. Or, get the best of both worlds with dual fuel range cookers for professional quality cooking at home.

Experience the perfect marriage of style and function with a Leisure range cooker.