Leisure Cookmaster 100cm CK100F232R Red Cooker
  • Leisure Cookmaster 100cm CK100F232R Red Cooker
  • Leisure Cookmaster 100cm CK100G232C Cream Cooker
  • Leisure Cookmaster 100cm CK100F232K Black Cooker
  • Leisure Cookmaster 100cm CK100F232B Blue Cooker
  • Leisure Cuisinemaster 100cm CS100C510X StainlessSteel Cooker

The bestseller

With up to seven hob top burners, a built-in griddle and up to 161L of versatile cooking space, plus a dedicated grill, it’s no surprise that our 100cm model is our most popular range… the list of features is enough to have anyone’s eyes on stalks.

For cooks that hate to wait, the True Fan system speeds up preheating and cooking times, plus the programmable timer means your oven can work for you even while you’re out. Bread makers can bake their perfect bloomers in the 65L conventional oven, while stew lovers can warm up winters with hearty fare, using the slow cook oven setting on the Cuisinemaster. For corner cutters, the oven’s Cook Clean Catalytic Liner brings welcome relief to your regular oven cleaning routine.


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Multiple Ovens

Have your cake…

A good cook has to be able to multi-task, and it makes life so much easier when your oven can do the same. With two ovens both over 60L (and an additional third on Cuisinemaster models), the 100cm range means you can cook tonight’s dinner, at the same time as rustling up a mouth watering pudding, without compromising on temperature or contaminating flavours.

Big family meals are a breeze, as there’s always room for one more dish. With such incredible cooking capacity, you really can have your cake and eat it.

True Fan Cooking

Even cooking for better results

Leisure’s True Fan cooking is an ingenious system that heats your oven evenly throughout – giving you gloriously golden cakes, crispy roasties and crunchy chips, every time.

The circular element, combined with the fan and specially formed cavity have been designed to make the oven more effective at lower temperatures, as well as minimising pre-heat times – so you can get amazing results, faster.

Cook Clean Catalytic Liner

Effective, effortless cleaning

Cleaning the oven has always been fairly low on the list of our favourite chores – which is why we’ve incorporated Cook Clean Catalytic Liners into our range.

The ovens have catalytic side panels that catch all the spills and grease. When you’re cooking at high temperatures, the oven simply burns all of those stains off –there’s no special cleaning programme required – just cook, and the oven does the rest. It really is that simple.

Slow Cooking

More time for you

When you’ve got a busy day ahead, and you’ve still got to prepare the evening meal, the Slow Cooker can be a lifesaver. Delicious pot roasts, tasty stews, steaming rice pudding, and even breakfast porridge can all be prepared before it needs to be served.

The Slow Cooker function is perfect to help you prepare meals in advance, so while you’re busy during the day – or sleeping at night – your oven is working hard for you.

Got your eye on the 100cm range? Please note that some features are model-specific and you should check the features on each model page to be sure before purchasing.

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