The Leisure brand has over 120 years of range cooking history.  Staying true to that history we ensure every range cooker we produce has the very highest quality and performance, combined with the latest cutting edge design.

Since its beginnings over 230 years ago, Leisure has been synonymous with innovation. The most significant development resulting from this pioneering spirit was the introduction of the first ever range cooker in 1883.

The rich history of the Leisure brand has helped us become one of the largest range cooker brands in the UK.


Leisure Today:

In 2002 the Leisure brand was acquired by Beko Plc, one of the largest domestic appliance manufacturers to the UK, the 3rd largest appliance company in Europe and one of the top ten appliance brands in the world.

Synonymous with quality and innovation, Leisure develops cutting edge cooking technology in new and state-of-the-art production facilities, ensuring excellence in design, materials and construction of all its range cookers to meet the exacting standards of quality required by today's consumers.

Leisure have carefully developed a choice of range cookers to meet a variety of individual tastes and cooking styles. These days, people with busy lives demand cookers that are simple and easy to use but also practical and easy to maintain. Our range cookers are designed for people for who find cooking a passion and a pleasure, and who expect their cooker to be packed with features and benefits. Chefs who have a need for total performance and reliability can rely on us.


To ensure the highest quality design, materials and construction of our cookers, we remain true to our core values of craftsmanship and uncompromising performance. Exhaustive attention to detail is coupled with the benefits of modern manufacturing techniques, whilst our state-of-the-art production facility meets exacting standards of quality control. All of which ensure that the cooker you choose has the many advantages of the hand-built originals. 

Leisure range cookers are designed to meet the needs of the most discerning customers, combining stylish good looks with durability, reliability and affordability.

Design built around you:

Leisure range cookers fit an array of kitchen layouts, offering a choice of complimentary designs – our cookers are lovingly crafted to suit every home.

The kitchen is increasingly the hub of the home, around which all other activities are carried out - and the cooker is undoubtedly the centre of the kitchen. Leisure range cookers provide a centrepiece of outstanding performance and uncompromising quality - put simply, they're the perfect cooking companion.

From the Cave to the Kitchen

A 7-Step History of the Oven

Whilst hot food has become an essential part of modern society, our prehistoric ancestors - the Australopithecus, to be exact - survived purely on a raw food diet. They had huge, ape-like jaws to grind through vegetation and large guts to aid digestion. Their sole purpose in life was simple: to survive.

However, theorists have claimed that the discovery of controlled fire and consequently, hot food, turbo-boosted the progression of civilisation. With a belly full of cooked meat, man needn’t spend all day foraging. Instead, he had more energy to hunt bigger animals and, most importantly, more time to nourish his mind and his relationships.

Just like an oven in a contemporary home, the fire became the heart of the family. Basic social structures were established and the earliest forms of civilisation emerged.
These days, the average person would have to eat around five kilos of raw food to survive and the oven has become the centre of the homestead. With the act of eating food a social rather than a survival instinct; breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner are the support beams of modern life.

As the only species that cooks its food, the history of the oven is fundamental to modern man. Understandably, this is a fact that we’re rather proud of and in celebration; we’ve created this fun and interactive infographic. Discover the fascinating story behind the oven and appreciate the civilisation of your Leisure cooker just that little bit more.  

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